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About us

Esler Financial Technologies is headquartered in Southern California, primarily serving Successful Families throughout the southwest. We are dedicated to both Wealth Management as well as Investment Services. Our goals are to provide an incredible client experience and to take the luck out of investing by having sound research in many disciplines. Additionally, we have many strategic partners throughout the country whom we leverage to ensure that our clients receive an incredible experience. Our mission is to provide such great service that our clients will have confidence to have us advise them on every area of their financial well-being. We have several ground rules located on our services page to reinforce our beliefs. 

Our Mission: To create a Family Office for each one of our clients and deliver great client satisfaction


  • We are not a “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme and we never will be.
  • We believe success comes from setting high standards.
  • We would rather compound a dollar over the long term than spend it today.
  • We are constantly learning. A better product is worth far more in the long term than better sales. 
  • We thoroughly think through decisions to eliminate risk.
  • Decisions we make are intended to profit our partners, not those working in our firm.
  • We believe honesty and communication are the two essential components of trust in any relationship.
  • We manage our lives responsibly so there is no conflict for our partners.
  • We believe people are just as important as businesses. This includes corporate managers and our own partners.
  • We want our people to always have singular focuses and long term views – ideally 50 years or more.
  • We invest alongside our clients to ensure alignment of interests. We do not engage in proprietary trading.
  • We provide a responsible, aligned, and competitive fee structure.
  • We instill a culture of complete compliance with laws and regulations. We try hard to eliminate conflicts.

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